keywestrpg looks really good. I’m definitely interested in joining but I wish others were too!

I don’t like twin roleplays.

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Where’s Waldo?

Calling Brittany ‘the stupid one’ is not going to get you any applicants for her.

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I miss Maeby and the rest of the Empire Records gang! I loved our Kittbastian and the whole RP was fun. I’m glad you guys are going strong and I’m sorry real life pulled me away. I’m still hoping I can come back eventually! :)

I’m sure this sounds dumb, but I’ve lost the desire to RP. My last two partners became my best friends and then broke my heart. I can’t even imagine trying to ship with anyone else now. I hate that I feel this way and as much as I dislike them now, I love and miss their characters. How messed up is that?

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I’ve found that typically most one on one players are more understanding with time constraints and busy schedules than groups. Which I find very ironic since in group rps there are more people to interact with to keep things moving whereas in a 1x1 you can’t do anything until your partner is on.

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I don’t understand the hate for people, everyone is so bitter. Channel your bitterness into your roleplaying. Who cares if someone is out of character or has bad graphics.

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You know your rp partner is perfect when her Santana says things that the Santana on the show repeats in the episode a week later! I’m talking about santanasiempre here! Standing ovation for such a great understanding of the character!

It’s disheartening when you compliment someone on their character or how they are OOC and all they can do is down on themselves in response. Just say thank you. Don’t make people feel bad for trying to give you a compliment; people who give them genuinely think you’re great, even if you don’t.

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Where is nemo?

Recently I’ve found some great 1x1 partners who are so sweet and understanding and make me feel like a person again. There’s not enough to say how much it means to me. But thank you so much for being the Kurt and Seb to my Puck.

I have a few things that I need to address, so please hold on here with me for a moment.

I am still not a hate blog. I don’t post hate and I never will, so please don’t send it to me. I’m only going to delete it. I’m not here to shame or bash on anyone. That includes the other confessions blogs. I might not agree with everything that they do, but those are not my blogs. I’m not going to make confessions that bash on them. When I say no hate, I mean no hate. 

The final thing I need to say is going under a readmore because it contains things that not everyone wants to see. Everything I said under here is positive, most of it is praise and advice, but I do understand that not everyone will want to read it.

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Sometimes I feel like I should quit all my rps, get an alias, and start all over.

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