A few months ago, I abandoned all the rps I was in because I was planning on killing myself. Now that I’m getting better and am finally getting back into rping, I want to go apologize to everyone so badly, but I’m also so, so scared.

I’m really excited for AnotherGleefulHogwarts to open. I loved the RP the first time around and I can’t wait to see how things turn out in the reboot!

If you don’t want to run a roleplay with me then say so, don’t open a new one a week later with someone else after telling me you have no time. It’s rude and It hurts feelings so just stop.

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On April 7th, Welcome to the New Age will be a year old! It’s hard to believe that it’s been around for so long. Caleb and I never imagined it growing and taking off like it did, and we love it so much. He’s no longer RPing and I’m on a (hopefully) short hiatus, but we’ve left it in very capable hands and our players are all so amazing. We love you guys very much, and hope that you know you’re family to us. It really has been a revolution, I suppose. :)

It makes me really sad when people abandon their groups without an explanation. It can’t be too hard to take the ten seconds and say goodbye to your fellow players. Just unfollowing and starting over two days later in a different group is confusing and it’s impolite.

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Quality Sam Players: Come out come out wherever you are! Does no one ship Fabrevans anymore? It makes me sad that I can’t find a good Sam to do Fabrevans with.

This year, I’m thankful for Ziggles. It’s seldom you meet your RP soulmate within your first year of roleplaying, but here we are; and, honestly? She’s a goddess. She never fails to make me crack a laugh, yet, at the same time, her insight into things is so intelligent. I always go to her for advice, and not just roleplay-wise. She’s by far one of the best Brody and Puck handlers Tumblr has to offer, and I’m so happy to know we’re friends.

I can understand being frustrated if your starter gets little to no response, but the answer to that is NOT to make a starter every fifteen minutes. Sometimes, it isn’t that everyone is ignoring you, it’s that your starters are either inappropriate or impossible to carry on an actual conversation about.

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There are a lot of awesome crackships going on at Acagleeks, but no one ever mentions how good the Klaine is over there.

I have the sudden urge to roleplay Puck/Blaine but all the Pucks I’ve played with don’t like Blaine, only ship straight, or don’t get him at all. I guess I’ll have to put it into my box of things I’ll never get the chance to play out.

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My fellow RPers at fusion-glee are hands down some of the most talented, amazing, players that I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing with. I couldn’t have asked to be part of a better group, and I’m thankful to have them all in my life. I love you guys!

In real life, I love the holidays! It’s joyous and special and really fun. But in the roleplay world, it’s like everything just shuts down. People abandon all the things without a warning. It’s disheartening for those who transition between both often, to try and spend time with family, but see no replies or a heads up from other handlers.

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I know that Matt Bomer is the FC of Blaine’s older brother, and I don’t think they’ve mentioned other siblings, but I really want a Blaine RPer to use Brendon Urie as one of his siblings or even a relative. I don’t know why, he just looks like he could be related to Darren Criss in some way.

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The love/hate thing going on between goldenxrach and brittany-sp-fierce over at SQ is my favorite thing ever. I’m secretly rooting for them to drunkenly hook up one of these days, NGL.